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Tips for keeping your wooden floor in good condition

Tips for keeping your wooden floor in good condition

The wooden floors lend elegance and warmth to any home. Despite the fact that wood is a highly resistant material, enduring with total ingredients for years, a wooden floor needs precise care so that it looks like the first day.

If you know how to care for a wooden floor, they will be perfect for a long time. Both tarina and parquet, as well as other types of materials with a natural base, present similar characteristics when cleaning and maintenance.

Our Modern Floor Sanding team tell us how to keep the wood in optimal condition, with the mistakes to avoid and the cleaning protocol to follow. Discover how to protect, maintain the shine, and even recover damaged wooden floors, with the most basic tips so that there is no corner of the house that resists you.

Wood floor maintenance

Humidity control

Wood is a material that has a hygroscopic nature. That is, it has a tendency to absorb moisture from the environment. In the same way, it is also highly prone to losing natural humidity in an environment that is too dry, so it is always necessary to maintain humidity levels between 30 and 70% depending on the area in which we are.

wooden floor

In general, wooden floors do not usually have moisture loss problems in our country, if not quite the opposite. It is important that we take care that the woods do not get too wet, cleaning with a very small amount of water, and ensuring that an excessive amount of liquid does not fall on the floor that can be absorbed and alter its properties.

Cleaning the wooden floor

Cleaning a wooden floor should preferably be done dry. All you need to do is mop or vacuum to remove dust from the surface, preventing the floor from getting too wet.

When you need to scrub with water, use warm water and cleaners that are suitable for wood. Wring the wet mop or mop well, wiping it over the dirtiest areas.

If you need to clean a recent stain, do so immediately to prevent dirt from penetrating the hardwood floor. This way you won’t have to apply too much water or product to loosen the stain.

Wood protection

Wooden floors usually have protection over the entire surface. For this reason, it is recommended not to use cleaning products such as bleach, ammonia, or acid products such as vinegar, which can act to eliminate this protective layer.

wooden floor

However, this layer is not always effective, and needs to be restored from time to time. To prevent it from deteriorating, try to keep the passage areas that are most at risk of wear with a carpet, or by placing protectors on the legs of chairs and other furniture to avoid scratches.

In case you notice that there has been any damage to the wood, our Modern Floor Sanding team recommends that it be repaired as soon as possible. When a part of the wooden floor is left unprotected, there is a greater risk of moisture entering and further deterioration.

Periodic maintenance

In addition to these small specific arrangements, it is necessary that we carry out maintenance of the material from time to time. To avoid the ravages of humidity, a good layer of oil can be the simplest and most effective protector.

You can apply teak, pine, linseed oil, and even olive oil to nourish the wood. You will notice how it instantly recovers its shine, simply by rubbing the oil with a cotton cloth. Apply a small amount little by little so as not to overdo it, removing the excess with a dry cloth.

wooden floor

Another perfect product to restore the appearance of wooden floors and restore their natural shine is wax. When it is necessary to recover a very deteriorated floor, after slashing the parquet, the wax restores flexibility to the wood, recovering its functionality and leaving the surface polished like a mirror. In this case, the intervention of a qualified professional may be necessary to extend the useful life of a good wooden floor before having to change it completely. Contact us and we will help you make the best decision!

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