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Shutter System: What types of blinds are there?

Shutter System: What types of blinds are there?

Before starting a shutter system business, it is important to choose what to produce. Some types of products are simple and have a lower cost price.

Shutter System: Blinds production technologies

Making a product is a simple process. For example, vertical and horizontal blinds can be made without any special equipment. They are assembled from components that are purchased from manufacturers (large companies create themselves).

However, during production, you need to take into account some nuances – the process itself may differ.

At the stage of shutter system business development, it is better to create blinds of the most common and demanded varieties. With the strengthening of the market position, it is possible to expand the assortment, purchase new machines, increase the scale and sales volumes.

Horizontal blinds manufacturing processes

There are 2 main processes for the production of horizontal blinds – the creation of lamellas (cornices) and the assembly of a one-piece structure.

  1. Lamels are called plates that perform a light-protective function. They are created from textiles, plastic, wood, metal.
  2. All the necessary holes are punched in the cornice for installing fittings, a lock, a swivel mechanism.
  3. Collect the cornice. A shutter system is installed in it, which is necessary for the proper operation of the blinds.
  4. After that, lamellas are inserted into the cornice. They check the work of the product, control the quality.

You can produce goods using both manual and semi-automatic equipment. High-performance automatic machines are also sold.

Production of vertical blinds

Manufacturing of this type of blinds is easier – it is less laborious. First, the cornice is made – it is cut in accordance with the selected size and equipped with a control system. After that, lamellas are created in which holes for the cords are punched. At the final stage, all components are assembled into a single structure.

Most manufacturing operations can be carried out manually. In this case, fewer machines are required – just a couple of presses and punches.

To make vertical blinds faster, their cost is lower, therefore it is recommended to immediately include them in your assortment. Better to buy foreign equipment. It is more expensive but allows you to make a better product.

Roller blinds

The price of machine tools for roller blinds is relatively low – and this is a significant plus.

Shutter system or Roller blinds are a roll of fabric equipped with a winding shaft and a control system with a spring/chain, less often an electric mechanism.

  1. The fabric is cut to the required dimensions, the edges are hemmed.
  2. A curtain rod with an appropriate control system is created, a shaft with a fabric is inserted.
  3. The finished product is completed with fittings.

Shutter System or Roller blinds are more often used in residential buildings. They look nice and fresh compared to the usual curtains. It is better to include them in the assortment right away, especially since their cost is low.

Production of wooden blinds

They are made in about the same way as horizontal blinds, although the procedure still has some features.

The main feature is the creation of lamellas. After cutting the strips of the required dimensions, their surface is laminated or coated with paint and varnish. This protects the paint from the sun.

After the cornice is cut down, the filling, the rotary rod, and all the control mechanisms are manually mounted into it. Cords are passed through the lamellas, which are connected to the control mechanism. In the end, if necessary, the product is completed with additional fittings.

Shutter System of Wooden blinds look beautiful, reliable, and have a long service life.

Blinds business plan

To organize a shutter system business does not require a large initial capital. Our project includes manual equipment for blinds – the option with the lowest capital investment.


A businessman has a choice – to conduct business as an individual entrepreneur or in the form of an LLC. If you are planning small volumes and sales in one region, you can become an individual entrepreneur. Conversely, working in the form of a legal entity is suitable for high volume production and sales.

Production of shutter system or blinds and roller shutters 

It is advisable to obtain a quality certificate for your product. There are no mandatory certification requirements, but having a voluntary certificate will have a positive effect on sales. Buyers, both wholesalers, and private ones are more willing to buy light protection devices, the quality of which has been verified by a certification center.


It is necessary to equip a production workshop and open a company office. There are no big requirements for industrial premises. The creation process is not accompanied by great noise or harmful fumes. Due to their modest dimensions, the machines can be placed in a small workshop (no more than 50 sq. M). You can even create blinds in the garage.

However, a large warehouse is required, where the finished product will be waiting for sale. In the warehouse, racks and shelves should be installed.

It is most efficient to rent an office in a place with high traffic. Indoors about 20 sq. m organize a workplace for receiving and serving customers, place product samples, hang thematic images, POS materials (brochures, leaflets).

Rob Prosser

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