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Security System, The Modern protection for your home!

Security System, The Modern protection for your home!

The most basic definition of any security system is in its name. It is literally a means or method by which something is protected by a system of interacting components and devices.

In this case, we are talking about home security systems, which are networks of integrated electronic devices that work together with a central control panel to protect against burglars and other potential intruders. 

A typical home security system includes:

  • Control panel, which is the main controller of the home security system
  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors, both internal and external
  • Wired or wireless security cameras
  • Siren or high decibel alarm

How does the security system work?

Home security systems operate on the simple concept of protecting home entry points using sensors that interact with a control panel installed in a convenient location somewhere in the house.

Sensors are usually installed in doors that lead to and from the home, as well as windows, especially those located at ground level. The outdoor area of ​​the house can be protected using motion sensors.

Control panel: this is a computer that arming and disarming an object, communicates with each installed component, gives an alarm signal when crossing the protected area.

As a rule, the panels are equipped with sensors for easy programming and control. These panels can work with voice commands and can be programmed to work with wireless remote controls called key fobs.

Door and window sensors: Composed of two parts, installed next to each other. One part of the device is mounted on a door or window, and the other on a door frame or window sill. When a door or window is closed, the two pieces of the sensor are connected together to form a circuit.

When the security system is armed at the control panel, these sensors communicate with it, indicating that the entry point is safe. If the monitored door or window is suddenly opened, the circuit is broken and the control panel interprets this as a violation of the protected zone. An immediate high decibel alarm is triggered, and a notification is automatically sent to the guard post, the owner of the house, or to the police station on duty.

Motion detectors:   These safety components, when enabled, protect a given space, creating an invisible area that cannot be violated without an alarm. They are usually used to guard the street perimeter and premises containing valuables.

Surveillance Cameras:   Available in both wired and wireless configurations, security cameras can be used in several different ways as part of an overall security system.

Surveillance cameras can be accessed remotely on computers, smartphones and tablets. This is the most common way to protect private property, when homeowners are outside the city, they have the ability to control delivery, as well as monitor service personnel, such as caregivers and gardeners, cleaners, and monitor the arrival of children after school. Cameras can also be used to record any security breaches, they can record the intrusion into the house, the burglar himself and his face, and possibly even the car in which he arrived. 

High decibel alarm:  loud enough for neighbors to hear and call the police. Home security alarms serve several different purposes. First, they alert people inside the house that a problem has arisen. They also sound shrill enough to scare off the burglar and notify neighbors of the situation.

Window decals and decals:   At first glance, these items may seem like nothing more than marketing tools for security companies, but they play an important role in keeping your home safe. When you place a security company sticker in your front window and place its sign in your yard, you are telling burglars that your home is professionally secured and is not a wise choice for a burglary attempt. 

How does the notification work?

Security systems are designed to perform specific tasks when entering a protected area. What your systems do in the event of an intrusion depends on the type of equipment you are using.

Monitored Security Systems:  If your security system is associated with a security company, they will receive alerts when an alarm goes off in your home. Along with the high decibel alarm signal, the guard post is notified when the alarm has been activated. They can try to contact the homeowner through the control panel if it is configured for two-way voice communication, or they can call the emergency number on the account.

Monitored systems usually allow homeowners to be notified via text messages and email in the event of a security breach.

Unmonitored security systems: There are many security systems today that do not include professionally supervised services. In an emergency, the homeowner must independently call the police, fire department, or other emergency responders by dialing the appropriate number.

These types of systems may allow or deny sending text messages or email notifications to the homeowner in the event of a security breach, depending on the provider and system you choose.

What are the benefits of having a home security system?

Numerous studies show that homes without security systems are three times more likely to be burglarized than homes with professionally monitored systems because burglars hunt for easy targets.

Homes without security systems are high on their list.

When you have a professional home security system, and you advertise it by showing window stickers and installing road signs, you let the burglars know that the chances are very high that they will fail and be caught.

Another advantage is the ability to control your home remotely. In this case, you can usually arm and disarm your security system from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, track who arrives and leaves your home, and also use the panic button to instantly notify the security service monitoring the cottage community.

Finally, most insurance companies offer big discounts – up to 20 percent – when you have a home security system in your home.

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