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Roof Renovation: Everything you need to know

Roof Renovation: Everything you need to know

Roof renovation seems to be something that is only necessary for old houses. But it still happens more often than you think, even in less old houses. A roof renovation can really be necessary if there are problems. 

For example, when a long-term leakage has caused wood rot in the roof. But roof renovation can also have another reason: renewal and, above all, improvement of the roof. This happens a lot when people want to insulate their roofs. Wondering if it’s time for a roof renovation? This is what you need to know!

The cause of the roof renovation

As mentioned, there can be several causes for roof renovation. For example, houses with a thatched roof need to be re-tied every now and then. This form of roof renovation is actually a matter of regular maintenance. 

Roofs with roof tiles have to be renovated more often because there is leakage. In that case, the woodwork under the roof tiles must be thoroughly checked and replaced if necessary. With roof insulation you can choose two ways: you can insulate the roof from the inside or you can do it from the outside. In the latter case, all roof tiles have to be removed and there is a major roof renovation.

Find a professional company

Roof renovation is a job that you cannot do yourself. A roof must be good, safe and reliable. Making a mistake can cost you a lot of money. For example, it often happens that a roof is not completely waterproof or that another job has not been carried out properly. 

When you hire a professional company, you can be sure that it will be done right. And should something go wrong, such a company also has a warranty period, which means that the error will be neatly repaired. If you are looking for a good company, you should also see if all the jobs you want to do can be performed by the same company. Engaging multiple companies are more expensive than one professional who can do all the jobs.

What about the neighbours?

In a detached house, the neighbors will in principle not be bothered by your roof renovation. Although it is of course always useful to inform them about your plans. But if you live in a terraced house or semi-detached house, you should consult with the neighbors. It is not nice if your roof looks very different from that of the neighbors. In addition, the costs can also be reduced if you have the roof renovated at the same time. But even if the neighbors do not intend to renovate their roof, good consultation is necessary to prevent it from becoming a source of quarrels.

What you can do at the same time

If you are going to refurbish the roof, you can easily combine that with adjustments to the roof. This can save you a lot of money, because the roof will probably be open during the renovation. For example, you can now seize the moment to place a skylight or dormer window. This is also the time to properly insulate everything. And maybe you can also have solar panels or a solar water heater installed immediately.

When do you need a permit?

Usually you do not need a permit to modify your roof. You do not need a permit for ordinary repairs, maintenance or insulation work. But sometimes it’s different:

  • If you live in a monumental building or if there is a protected village view
  • If the shape of the roof is changed
  • If you change the supporting structure of the roof, for example during a major renovation or extension of the house.

You should always check whether you need a permit . Of course, this also depends on where you live, as each municipality has its own rules.

Possibilities for subsidy

Roof renovation or repair usually does not provide a subsidy. But sometimes it is possible! Now that the government is encouraging the switch from natural gas to other sources, subsidies are available. For example, roof insulation may be able to provide you with a subsidy in your municipality. Adaptations such as a solar boiler or heat pump can also provide a subsidy. It is wise to investigate this before repairing your roof.

Roof renovation is not a small job that can be done in between. Usually, a lot has to be done in a short time. It is therefore wise to take this into account in the planning. By preparing as well as possible in advance, you can prevent many problems during the roof renovation. And so you end up with a beautifully renovated roof that will last for years.

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