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Renovation of the roof according to your needs

Renovation of the roof according to your needs

Renovation, “having everything under one roof”, “being united under one roof” or even the “umbrella company” under which company shares are linked – our everyday language shows us how important the roof is as a load-bearing, supportive, community-building, and even identity-building element. What already applies in everyday language with the symbolic roof as a metaphor for community and protection, applies all the more for the real architectural element of the roof, which should actually have stabilizing and protective properties.

However, big questions always arise when the roof is going to be renewed: homeowners frown on what specific tasks and costs they will have to deal with if, for example, the roof construction needs a repair. Below we have put together a brief overview for you.

When is a roof construction useful?

A roof truss renewal is always necessary if the roof beams as load-bearing elements no longer have the necessary stability to support the construction. As a rule, this decrease instability does not happen suddenly, but gradually and over many years, since the wood, from which the vast majority of all roof structures are made, is quite durable and destabilization occurs only due to permanent stressors.

Anyone who buys or inherits an older house must have the condition of the roof construction assessed by a specialist.

Risks to the stability of the wood are mainly the age of the roof structure (important for hereditary houses), permanent heavy rainfall or high, prolonged snowfall in the region, which stresses the roof, and finally insufficient insulation and the resulting mold growth. The latter is a very special risk factor, as mold growth directly affects the wood of the roof construction and porous, rotten spots reduce the overall stability.

Anyone who discovers that their roof beams have been damaged by age, weathering or even rotten spots due to mold should immediately start replacing the rafters.

Roof Restoration Methods

If you have found that the timber of the roof construction is being affected by the risk factors of age, extreme weather conditions, leaking roof insulation, and the resulting mold growth and that a rafter renovation is on the way, you wonder about the associated methods. The main difference here is between a partial renovation of the roof construction and a complete renovation.

The partial renovation of the roof structure, as the name suggests, is a partial renovation and only replaces heavily attacked, rotten, or otherwise unstable timber of the roof structure. Here it can often be sufficient to replace individual roof beams with new ones so that the load-bearing capacity of the roof and sufficient insulation is restored. Homeowners usually prefer a partial renovation of the roof, as this can of course be done much cheaper and with less effort than a complete renovation.

However, when deciding on the question of “partial or full renovation?”, you should not be guided by your own judgment alone, but rather consult an experienced expert who will assess the condition of the load-bearing elements, including their statics and a thorough cost-benefit analysis of the planned renovation step. Saving in the wrong place in a short-sighted way would be fatal here, because insufficient partial renovation could cause further damage to the framework in subsequent years if necessary, ultimately requiring additional support for the construction or, finally, a complete renovation.

Multiple partial renovations in succession can cause costs comparable to a full renovation.

Finally, the complete renovation of the roof construction is the more expensive option, where the complete roof construction is removed and replaced with new construction. An experienced carpenter will manufacture and reattach the roof structure, in most cases adopting the old structural model 1:1 as the model and scale for the new production.

However, there is also the possibility to replay the builder and change the roof, for example, to finally furnish the desired studio for music playback or the gallery for the lady of the house. However, in this ambitious project, the statics must also be recalculated, as they can change significantly from the structural form, depending on the requirements of the new construction.

Costs for roof renewal

The cost of renewing the rafter depends on a number of decisive factors: partial or complete renovation, size of the house (similar to the roof), and last but not least the owner’s own wishes and requirements with regard to equipment and materials. It is difficult to specify exact price ranges here since a roof truss renovation is a very individual project anyway and just as unmistakable as building a house itself.

Nevertheless, there are empirical rules of thumb for calculating the potential borrowing requirement for rafter renovations that can effectively help the homeowner estimate their specific costs in advance. One of these ground rules says that you should estimate an average of $60 per square foot of roof to be renovated, which would result, for example, in a total of $6,000 for a 100 square foot roof, analogous to the floor plan of the house.

In addition, however, there are the specific costs for insulation and insulation material on the roof structure, which vary between 65-147 AUD / square meter, depending on the desired or required quality of the equipment, as well as the cost of recovering the roof. , which also vary between 147-246 AUD depending on the equipment requirements / square meter, and possibly additional costs for the removal of the existing roof beams or the entire roof structure (in case of a complete renovation), so that a complex calculation results from several factors.

Here is a calculation example:

Removal of the existing roof construction

8,200 AUD

Costs for the renovation of a roof construction of 100m2

164 x 98 AUD = 9,840 AUD

Renewal of the insulation or the twilight material

164 x 65 AUD = 6,560 AUD

New roofing

164 x 147 AUD = 14,761 AUD


39,363 dollars

This calculation represents a lower price limit, as the stated costs for insulation material and roofing, as already mentioned, can be twice as high if the customer wants exclusive material or if a large renovation backlog has to be compensated. It should be noted that the roof construction must be particularly stable in harsh weather conditions and you can therefore incur additional costs if you want to renovate the roof in a known area with, for example, heavy rain or snowfall. Furthermore, the costs for demolishing and removing the previous roof construction (in the event of a complete renovation) vary widely from case to case.

The cost of demolishing the roof structure generally varies in the four-figure range but can increase significantly with complex roof structures or special difficulties

In this regard, the mentioned price ranges can only be considered as general guidelines, giving the customer a necessary initial orientation, but for various reasons cannot represent binding price limits for the planned project.


A roof is the supporting and protective element of the house architecture and often gives it its special flair. However, if a rafter renovation is required in a specific case, builders should better inform in advance about methods and costs in order to avoid their own bad investments, carry out the renovation in a timely manner and ultimately get the best result. for improving quality of life.

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