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Printing, The threat of choosing a cheap

Printing, The threat of choosing a cheap

The world is full of opportunities for designers to create different printing items. There are many approaches that can be taken when choosing the perfect design, but some people come across a problem deciding how they want their product put together or what it will look like if there’s no one to help them out with this process while others enjoy being able to make decisions on these things themselves and have fun doing so as well.

One option which may seem more simplistic than other choices would be cheap printing because a customer could save money by just going somewhere else without having any issues at all from start till finish; however, customers need to think about whether or not quality should matter in comparison considering the cost difference between both options has such great potentials to.

It is no secret that the overwhelming majority of people want to buy low and sell high. In light of this, many are in a hurry to turn to cheap printing.
Almost no one will sell cheaper if they can sell more expensive and buy more expensive if the same thing can be obtained cheaper. Nevertheless, the belief in a miracle continues to exist in the minds that someone will provide you with a service very cheaply, very efficiently, and on time.

If you are offered a really high-quality service at a lower price, then most likely the company is oriented “to take not by price, but by volume”. I remember taxi drivers from the recent past: some drove around to take passengers on the road at a cheaper price; others, who wanted more money and less fuss, patiently waited for their passengers in crowded places. In the end, both of them earned about the same. The same thing happens in the printing industry. Someone is trying to work, even if it is cheap, but someone will stand better, but wait for suitable orders.

Why is the printing house selling cheap?

Because they don’t buy expensive. Usually, they do not want to pay for something that is not worth it. Those who are focused on quality, convenience in work, high service will never look for where it is cheap and bad.

And cheapness is a more than relative factor and depends, for example, on the current production load. Sometimes, a few successful orders can instill confidence in the printing house in its own relevance and lead to an instant price adjustment.

I do not deny the existence of printing houses with excellent prices and high quality, but there is always a queue, always missed deadlines and never – an apology or attempts to get into the position of customers, because “there are many of you, and we are alone.”

Of course, it would be wrong to waste money, especially in our difficult times. Therefore, it always makes sense to approach the golden mean. For example, you spent 4 days on a tender, sent the technical assignment to 20 printing houses, then bargained for a long time, and finally received a difference in the price of 50,000 dollars. 

While you were doing this, there were no other projects that could bring the company more profitable than saving these 50,000 dollars. In other words, common-sense rules.

Because the term “cheap printing” is not entirely correct, because the same printing house, depending on the type of work and the season, can be either cheap or very expensive, it would be more correct to say “print cheap circulation”.

And here there is another dangerous point, if you are printed cheaply, then there is most likely about 90% of the cost of materials and 10% of the cost of work. If you have any complaints about the printed circulation, reprinting it will be extremely disadvantageous for the printing house. 

You will be “convinced” with a very high probability that everything is printed and other standards and that this will be true. Modern standards provide such tolerances that any independent examination will confirm that this obvious printing defect is not actually a defect.

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Rob Prosser

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