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Plumbers: What work and hourly wage do they have?

Plumbers: What work and hourly wage do they have?

Plumbers will repair leaks, connect pipes and taps and install the central heating system. A plumber with experience will install and install gutters, sewers, and more in no time.


You need plumbers for almost every renovation and this specialist in ‘everything with water will save you a lot of time and worry.


Perhaps you are a bit handy yourself and you can do some plumbing work yourself in the bathroom and kitchen. That is nice and you also save the hourly wage of the plumber. However, most people have no experience or time for it. Then it is good to look for a good professional. Read all about the plumber’s work and how he can help you below.


What can and can’t you expect from plumbers and what is the cost? You can see that on this page so that you know in advance where you stand. Plumbers specialized in the construction, maintenance, and repair of plumbing, heating installations, water pipes, and possibly also sewage.

Hourly wage

Let’s start with the most frequently asked question: ‘What is a good hourly wage for a plumber ?’ Most hourly prices for plumbers vary between 39 and 79 dollars an urgent problem, it’s definitely worth it.


PlumbersCost per hour
Low$40per hour – $48 per hour
middle$48 per hour -$64 per hour
High$64 per hour – $80 per hour

Hourly rate

Incidentally, you still have cheaper plumbers who come for 31 to 39 dollars per hour, but then there is almost always something wrong with the situation. Either the person works black, or he works completely illegally in the country or it is in the evenings (part black often anyway) or there is one last option.


You can do the purchasing of materials yourself or have the plumber do it for you. The latter is the most common as you don’t know exactly what he needs. He can also (secretly) put a win percentage on this material. This allows him to keep his hourly wage low and then earn the money on the materials. A low hourly rate is therefore not the solution for a cheap plumber.

Hourly rate

However, many people will have to deal with a plumber for a leak for the first time. Unfortunately, this is not a pleasant way to get in touch with a plumber (because then you pay a high hourly rate), but plumbers are specialized in solving this leakage in the house. They can of course also install pipes, plumbing, and the rest in the bathroom and kitchen so that everything is really firmly fixed and watertight.

New bathroom

Before you renovate a bathroom or a toilet room, it is good to know what everything will cost. In the table below we have worked out the price structure of an average new bathroom. This is 3 by 3 meters and finished on an average level. You may be familiar with the expression ‘golden taps’. This just shows that the prices of cranes can be very diverse.

Bandwidth in Cost

You can buy a crane for only a few tens in almost every hardware store. The same goes for tiles and sanitary ware. So realize that the price indicated below can vary considerably as you place more value on quality and the brand on the product.

Price list

In addition to all prices and good offers, this price list also contains more information per part. Click on the topic to read more about it.

Fix leakage

So do you have a leaking roof, a leaking central heating boiler, or a sink or shower that keeps leaking? Then you can contact a plumber, who will often fix this leak fairly quickly. Also, many people who are building or renovating their house will come into contact with a plumber, because he plays a major role in installing sanitary facilities, water pipes, the gray water system, the best heating and sewerage in the house.


A rough draft of all the work you can ask a plumber is:

  • Laying pipes (hot and cold water, sewage and costs for installing a gas pipeline or even a new gas connection if there is not one yet)
  • Connecting pipes (or a sanibroyeur where the pipe is too thin if you are renovating a toilet lift )
  • Set, place and connect toilet, bath and shower
  • Install taps
  • CV including piping and radiators
  • Install, replace and repair gutters
  • Roof work (flat roof)
  • Maintenance of CV
  • Pipe maintenance
  • Unblocking pipes
  • Set up all kinds of devices/technology
  • lead work
  • Zinc works
  • Unclog sink


With the advent of smart home and smart thermostats, more and more domotics is being installed in the house, which the plumber must be able to install.¬†Where it used to be just water and piping, the plumber’s field of work is increasingly becoming that of modern technology.


You’ve read the tips in the text, but the finer points are often in the details. You will hear about my practical experience in this podcast. That way you know exactly what is involved.


The benefits of a plumber are:

  • Ready quickly
  • Saving on heating costs through the best way to insulate hot water pipes
  • Create the most water pressure from the shower and other taps through a smart pipeline
  • Truly waterproof so that expensive leaks are prevented
  • Correct adjustment of sanitary appliances
  • prices replace gutters and replace or make new downspouts
  • Irritating noises from and in pipes are limited as much as possible and usually prevented


Of course, there are also some drawbacks:

  • A plumber costs money
  • You need to find a plumber

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Rob Prosser

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