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Tips for choosing the perfect wedding bands

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding bands

All jewels have a special charm, but above all women are lovers of them, and they know how to appreciate the beauty, shine and elegance that they represent. However, the sentimental meaning that we put on a jewel will never be as important as that which is put on an engagement ring or wedding bands. They are the two most important types of rings in the life of a woman, and of course, of her partner.

Although the engagement ring represents that first “yes” to start the transformation of our life and accept the fact of sharing it with the person we have chosen, wedding bands reinforce or extend this situation, and they The bride and groom will be worn forever on their fingers, which is why they are as or more important than the engagement ring.

They are a symbol of decision, commitment and unconditional love. Hence, the world of jewelry and those who specialize in creating alliances, generate an infinity of options and possibilities to choose the perfect wedding rings, which makes the selection process a difficult journey to go through.

Therefore, we bring some special tips to choose the perfect wedding bands for you and your partner.

It is necessary to define the options

White or yellow gold, as well as the incorporation of a diamond or a precious stone, are some of the first decisions we must make. Although the creativity and art of a jeweler can be very wide, they advise that in the case of wedding rings we do not get carried away by momentary emotions; on the contrary, it is better to think it through and prefer a classic look while also incorporating some modern and current details.

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Choose the wedding rings as a couple

There are different customs regarding the choice of engagement rings. In Australia, the same models are usually chosen, both for him and for her, but in other countries they try to choose original wedding bands, where the woman usually wears them with diamonds or a stone; and the man in a more classic and sober way, for example.

Everything will depend on the tastes of the couple, but it is best to choose them together. If you want the rings to be the same, you can choose the unisex style. Many women tend to wear the engagement ring and the alliance on the same finger, the engagement ring being a diamond, and the alliance a more classic and smooth model, with the traditional inner engraving.

It takes time to choose the ideal rings

The process of organizing a wedding can lead the couple to stress levels that are difficult to handle, and if we leave the choice of wedding rings to the last minute, wrong decisions can be made.

Wedding bands

We must assess models, designs, shapes, materials and budgets. If the intention is to request totally personalized wedding bands, all the more reason it should be done in advance, so that everything goes correctly and just in time.

Stipulate a budget

Many couples make the mistake of trying to save on engagement rings. Although it is possible to find cheap wedding bands, the best decision is to try to make a fair expense for them, since it is the most tangible and visible memory that the couple will have from their marital union.

The celebration, dress, dinner and celebration in general are important, but let’s say that everything becomes something ephemeral or a memory, if we compare it with the alliances that the couple will wear over the years, as a symbol of their love.

For example, a fair budget to have the wedding rings that you have long dreamed of can range from 150 to 350 AUD each. It is obvious that you can spend much more if you want, but for that cost you can get beautiful jewelry that will last a lifetime.

wedding bands tips

Make decisions according to lifestyle

It is a vital aspect that many leave aside when choosing alliances. Remember that it is a ring that you will wear every day and that the goal is to choose a piece that becomes part of your life and is a personal seal of both.

If you practice sports, work with your hands, are a musician or play an instrument, a solid gold ring may be the most convenient. The more comfortable it is to use it, the more possibilities of wearing it daily you will have, both you and your partner.

Think long term

Sometimes we get carried away by the trends and fashions of the moment, but experts advise that we must be as sensible as possible when choosing the ideal pair of rings to say “Yes, I do”. That is why it is best to choose neutral styles that can be used daily, but that you also see yourself with him being older.

Maintenance pending

As this type of jewel will be used daily, it is normal for it to be exposed to scratches or bumps, so it will be necessary to subject the alliances to periodic maintenance to polish them or check the wear of the stones, if they have them.

wedding bands collections

It is for this reason that many jewelry specialists recommend the choice of yellow or pink gold, instead of white, since this one, when wearing a layer of rhodium, loses its shine with use. 

The size of the rings

What is most recommended in terms of the size of the alliances, is that they be the most exact possible and that we decide in advance in which hand we are going to wear them. It is also important that they are the right size to avoid their loss at all costs because they can be very loose.

The best online stores for the sale of wedding bands include a detailed catalog to know the exact measurement of your finger and to be able to choose the ideal alliance. All you have to do is follow the instructions and send the information to the jewelry store to obtain the wedding bands you want so much in a few days.

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