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Motorcycles: 8 types of motorcycles you need to know before buying

Motorcycles: 8 types of motorcycles you need to know before buying

In some ways, motorcycles are like power tools: many different types, dozens of manufacturers, each type for its own purpose. Unlike tools, motorcycles can excite the soul, make the heart beat faster, easily turn into a worthy companion, in short, a motorcycle is more than just a tool for work.

Standard motorcycles

Standard motorcycles are one of the most common motorcycles found on the road every day. They are popular because of their comfortable ergonomics and upright seating position, which does not force the rider to ride with their legs extended forward or lying on the tank in the fetal position.

“Cafe racers” and “scramblers”

Cafe racers and scramblers can also be categorized as standard motorcycles. The cafe racer is a motorcycle designed for walking and walking short distances.

Its design has been optimized to achieve speed and handling at the expense of ride comfort.

The term ” Cafe Racer ” itself originated in the UK in the 60s as an ironic name for motorcyclists posing as “cool” professional racers, parking their cars next to their table in a cafe.
There are other hypotheses about the origin of “cafe raisers”, for example, time races from a cafe and back to a cafe while a musical composition was playing. And “scramblers” are motorcycles, which perhaps can be classified as dual-purpose devices, designed for both asphalt and for driving over rough terrain.

Sport bikes, sports or sport bikes

An abundance of plastic, a piercing roar, tucked legs, a back twisted in three deaths, and a helmet that is almost invisible behind the fairing. If you see this oil painting for a few seconds, for example, at an intersection, you should know – most likely it was a sports bike. =)

Lest you think that the author of the article has a complaint about sports bikes, it is worth noting that this technique is mainly intended for the race track. Racing motorcycles are generally a separate category of sports motorcycles, they are unique in their way. Most real racing motorcycles are prototypes.

Touring motorcycles or tourists

Touring motorcycles are among the largest on the road.

These are comfortable motorcycles for a measured ride and the ability to travel long distances. These bikes often boast an abundance of features such as navigation and multimedia.

Also, comfort is given by the convenient arrangement of platforms for the entire foot, both for the pilot and the passenger, as well as heated seats and steering handles. A large fuel tank and huge luggage space are other specificities typical of touring motorcycles.

Sport- Touring or sport tourists

The sport-touring is the perfect balance between the two previous types of motorcycles.

Probably more often such are even more sporty than tourist ones. They have a sporty body kit and more ” evil ” motors.

These bikes are reasonably maneuverable and can be safely used in corners. As with touring models, sports tourists can travel far. Although not as comfortable as ordinary tourists, whoever tells you what. Here you need to make a remark, unlike a full-fledged touring motorcycle, sports touring most likely will not have heated seats and a serious multimedia system, all the rest of the functionality will be present in full.

But they naturally differ from sports. They do not have any clip-on, the steering wheel is usually higher, there is no abundance of plastic (only where it is really needed), unlike sports, the landing is straight, and the pilot himself does not hide, but is behind a large windshield.


Everything you need to know about cruisers is coded in the word “cruiser”. =)

These bikes have a low ride height. Sitting in the saddle, you can put your entire foot on the ground without straining or tilting the motorcycle. The location of the handlebars and footpegs may vary, but cruisers do not have any trunks for carrying luggage, and if they do, they will most likely be leather bags …

The main purpose of such motorcycles is a relaxed run through the city or a short trip from town to dacha. No, of course, you can ride such a motorcycle around the world, but a full-fledged touring bike like “Goldwing” will be much more comfortable.

But going for a ride with a girl around the city, walking along the boulevards without tents and sleeping bags placed in and on the trunks, on a cruiser will be the very thing!

Adventure games

Adventurers, travelers, or as they are called “ADV motorcycles” – one of the most versatile motorcycles for the road and off-road.

They can be driven both on the high-speed highway and in complete off-road conditions. On some of these motorcycles, as well as on tourists, there is a heated seat and steering wheel, for transporting belongings, you can optionally even install wardrobe trunks. A high seating position that allows you to literally soar on the road, comfortable footpegs that you can stand on to stretch your legs during a long journey, a capacious thirty-liter tank, spoke rims for the opportunity to change asphalt to dirt without hesitation – these are some of the characteristic features of a typical adventure.


If the very massive size of ADV motorcycles can interfere or create hassle, for example, when traveling along a narrow forest trail, then enduro motorcycles are fine – such a bike will travel everywhere.

They easily overcome narrow spaces due to their friendlier dimensions. They are not afraid of dust and dirt, where they will not pass – they can even jump or fly over. But the main disadvantage of enduro motorcycles in comparison with the same adventure games is the complete impossibility of long trips.

Lack of fairings, windshield and saddlebags can be a headache on the freeway.

Which motorcycle to choose is up to you. But as experienced owners of two-wheeled vehicles say, there should be a lot of motorcycles, and different ones … Therefore, in this business, the main thing is to start. Take action!
Decide on the class, identify the manufacturer that appeals to you. Call your dealer and schedule a test drive.

Rob Prosser

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