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How Much Does It Cost To Best Bathroom Renovation?

How Much Does It Cost To Best Bathroom Renovation?

How much does it cost to reform a Bathroom Renovation is usually one of the biggest queries that are made when starting with the reform of the bathroom.To know how much it costs to reform a bathroom , we must take into account multiple factors, such as the demolitions of the current bathroom, facilities that we want to add to the bathroom, coatings and equipment.We have asked a Valencia architecture studio about how much it costs to reform a bathroom to contemplate it in this article.


If you have decided to reform your bathroom, surely you need to know how much everything you have considered is worth , but first, you must specify this, what will the reform of your bathroom include? Will your Bathroom Renovation take natural stone ?For example , the price of a bathroom reform begins with the demolition of old elements to change . This price will depend on what we are going to demolish, but as a general rule, it can exceed € 500.

In addition, another answer to the question of how much it will cost me to reform my bathroom is that of the facilities . Depending on whether we are going to install heating or not, electricity and plumbing, the price of the Bathroom Renovation that includes these facilities may go up or not , but mainly, the average cost is € 400 for plumbing, € 250 for electricity and € 160 for heating. The latter, if we already have a heating installation, we can ignore it..

Demolition Of Old Parts Of The Bathroom :

In this item we find demolitions of pavements or coatings, such as, for example, tiles, flooring, tiles… as well as demolition of toilets, partitions, wall (if we want to open windows)… The most expensive thing is to transport the rubble to the authorized landfill, so We must add a plus to this. The price to reform a Bathroom Renovation, with rubble, would be approximately € 600.

Bathroom Renovation

Renovation Of Basic Bathroom Elements :

In this item we must include everything related to plumbing, electricity, heating … for this, we will expand information to know how much it costs to reform a bathroom.

Plumbing :

The plumbing in our bathroom must be of quality to avoid problems of water leaks and drains in the future. We recommend having the best professionals for this. Therefore, you should take into account an approximate amount of € 370 in your budget to reform the Bathroom Renovation. Here we must take into account the purchase of direct or indirect materials (by the professional), PVC pipes, copper … to ensure that everything works correctly. Do not forget that in this price we must take into account the opening and closing of new regattas, something that can raise the price of our budget to know how much a Renovation costs.

Electricity :

Before taking into account the price of the electrical installation in our bathroom reform, we have to take safety into account. Legislation has changed a lot in recent years. It requires that the electrical installation be safe, although the price of our Bathroom Renovation must be increased.To take this into account, we would have to include a box that includes two light points on the ceiling, one or two plugs, two light points on the wall and a switch. This would mean a price of € 300 in our bathroom reform budget.

Heating :

Do we want to have our Bathroom Renovation heated? There are several alternatives, from towel rails, radiators, underfloor heating, aerothermal … depending on the system, we must add from € 750 in our budget.


Floor and wall tiles are one of the main parts of a bathroom, they are the key elements that will add value to your bathroom. A quality covering and flooring will make you enjoy your bathroom every day.Now, how much does it cost to Bathroom Renovation knowing this? We can not venture to give a price, since there are very low quality materials at a very low price and other high quality materials, it depends on the option to choose, it should be added to the budget of the price of the bathroom reform.

Bathroom Renovation


If we decide to buy standard sanitaryware, the price of our bathroom reform will be cheaper . A sink with taps can add about € 260, the toilet € 180, bidet with taps included, € 120.The installation of the toilets will suppose an average cost of € 500 in the price of the reform of our bathroom . We see the breakdown:

The Sink :

We have several options for reform in terms of sinks. This can be a wall-hung, wall-hung, or embedded in a cabinet with drawers and doors to increase capacity. The price that we must take into account can vary depending on the qualities, the number of pools and taps … This price would be so variable that we could not guide it, it will be difficult to know how much it costs to reform a bathroom.

The Toilet :

On the floor or suspended, the toilet will vary the price of our bathroom reform due to the great offer and ranges present. If we opt for a suspended one, the price may increase by around € 100. There is also the possibility that the cistern is recessed and hidden in the wall, which can increase the price of the bathroom reform by € 500 more.

Bidet :

There is an increasingly general trend not to include a bidet in bathroom renovation, but if we want to incorporate it, matching the toilet, we should add about € 190 to our budget.

Jeremy Dawes

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