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Advertising is a message about the organization for all residents of the village, as well as guests of the city. This information can be placed on any media, have a different form, as well as spread among the population in any way. Advertising is aimed at attracting attention to the customer’s object, creating an image, maintaining interest in the brand, and, of course, promoting the company in the market. The sign is a visual that contains information about the name of the designated person; goods or services provided by it; its type of activity; and work schedule.

There is a sign directly above the entrance, or next to the object, on the facade of the building, or in the interior (shopping center, for example), or rented premises.

Now let’s define the difference between signs and advertising functionally, financially, and in terms of coordination.


The purpose of advertising is primarily to attract customers (potential buyers) to make a purchase (transaction).

The purpose of the sign is in informing the client about the location of the business entity at this address or at this facility. It should be noted that the presence on the site is mandatory in accordance with the provisions of the Law “On Consumer Protection”.

Indirectly combine advertising and signage can, for example, the presence in both cases of the company logo, which has both informational and advertising function (in the case of a well-known brand).


Making advertising, its distribution is much more than making it. Accordingly, the implemented budgets differ significantly. Here I would like to mention such a factor. According to the Standard rules of advertising, any sign that covers an area of ​​more than 3 square meters. is automatically an advertisement and accordingly requires coordination from a more expensive route with the city authorities.


In most cities of Australia, approving signs is a fairly simple procedure. This requires a sketch with a constructive solution and photomontage, taking into account the architectural features of the facade. The document is approved by the relevant body of municipal architecture. Time frame – 0.5-1 month.

Outdoor advertising is agreed with the receipt of the relevant Permit of the working body on the basis of the collected documents of prior approval and the Decision of the Executive Committee of the City Council. In practice, it takes from 2 to 6 months.


For many entrepreneurs, especially those who are starting their own business for the first time, choosing a visual that can cause not just difficulties, but a real problem. This is due to the large number of configurations presented on the market of outdoor advertising manufacturers. Now we will try to tell you about the most popular of them, divided into several categories.

Illuminated signs, depending on the method of illumination

To begin with, it is worth noting that in the categories, our customers often include not only the box but also three-dimensional/flat letters, plates, and others. So here we will talk about all the variations.

And so, what signs and for what you can order depending on the type of illumination.

Advertising without illumination

Not everyone and not always needs a light indicator. Government agencies (schools, universities, hospitals, libraries), small shops or kiosks in the courtyards of residential areas, etc. For your purposes – information and navigation, you can use three-dimensional or flat letters, plates in the profile, a box with overhead elements, a tablet (design without additional volume, on which the necessary information is applied).

With external illumination

Here you can consider all of the above options, but supplement them with LED floodlights to illuminate at night. This option loses to the interior lighting, but if you do not have much competition (or you are, again, a government agency), it will be a great pointer to you at any time of day.


Here we will consider two options, but first, we will discuss to whom and why such visual advertising is necessary. Light signs look more attractive than previous versions. They are bright, interesting, modern. They attract, stimulate you to choose you. Perfect for shopping malls, supermarkets, clothing stores, appliances, toys, restaurants, cinemas, banks, agricultural firms, and any other type of business and a high level of competition. For yourself, you can consider the following options:

  • With internal illumination – on a manufacturing configuration, everything is clear still from the name (the light source is in a design), and the choice of products is very big: it and light letters, and a lightbox and a box with the incised, inlaid, consignment notes, cut letters;
  • With backlight illumination provides placement of light-emitting diodes (we use them as a light source) on the back of the pointer. Here you can use a lot of options: letters or boxes, their combinations, and different types of lighting.

Only in this category, the list turned out significant. We will continue to acquaint you with visual signs, having broken them on a manufacturing configuration.

Letters, plate or sign?

In the previous list, we mentioned that there are different, so which one do you choose for yourself?

1. Plate. On the one hand, the simplest type of outdoor advertising. It can be flat, three-dimensional, in profile (more solid appearance), two-plane, etc. The backlight can only be external. If you think that’s enough with your head, this is your option.

2. Letters. A large selection of options offers us this type of 3D: flat, three-dimensional, inlaid, on a frame, on a substrate, with internal illumination, external, contour, and much, much more.

3. Box. Let’s talk about it last, because, in addition to the logical option for many – lightbox, there are many combinations with letters. More about them:

  • Box with letters on the slot. The base is made of an automatic transmission, which does not transmit light, and the text on the front panel is cut out. Then it is glued to the bottom with acrylic, which glows perfectly. Thus, the necessary information becomes light. Often used as a supplement to the next option.
  • With mortise letters. At the initial stage, everything happens, as in the first version, only the holes are glued letters. They can be illuminated front, sides, or both. A common type of letters – inlaid. They are made of two types of plastic, creating a very interesting and elegant glow.
  • Signboard with overhead elements. In this design, the box is thinner due to the fact that the LEDs are not installed inside it, but directly in the letters. The box itself can be decorated with an applique. Option to make three-dimensional letters, but on the frame, which minimizes damage to the facade.

As you can see, there are many options. But the answer to the question – what sign to order – has not been found. In fact, here you can just get acquainted with the types of outdoor advertising, decide what kind of sign it will be and what kind of lighting will suit you. To order a really effective sign for your business, you better consult a specialist. 

By contacting our advertising agency, you can count on a professional design of several options, among which you, along with the manager, will be able to choose yours. We will give you advice on the selection of materials, tell you more about the differences in the signs. Because the production of outdoor advertising is an individual process, we can calculate the cost only after creating a layout, but you can always count on several options. It is important for us to create quality, effective advertising! With us, you will always get more than you invest in the sign.

Rob Prosser

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