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Hot Water 5 Tips To Save In Your Home

Hot Water 5 Tips To Save In Your Home

Energy efficiency and savings are increasingly important concepts in our day today. They have even become a priority in the management of the domestic economy or when we consider replacing our old appliances especially hot water.

Here we give you some ideas to save water and we list some of the proposals to achieve it.

How much hot water does a home consume?

Sanitary hot water (SHW) is synonymous with comfort and well-being in the home for uses such as showers, bathrooms, etc …

SHW for domestic use can be obtained through instantaneous systems, which heat the water as required by consumers (such as boilers or heaters), or through accumulation systems, which keep water in a tank for its subsequent use (electric water heaters and heat pumps).

Choosing a type of system for obtaining hot water depends on many factors, the most important being consumption. This may vary depending on the type of home, the number of rooms, or the people who live in it.

A person consumes an average of 136 liters of water a day, which represents a cost of 544 liters in a four-member household. From the energy point of view and according to data from the IDAE, almost 20% of the annual energy expenditure of the home is used for the production of hot water.

Tips to save hot water at home

An action as “basic” as filling the bathtub supposes a consumption of 150 to 250 liters of hot water, while if we shower, this expense decreases considerably. To save hot water we can also reduce their time (with a 5-minute shower you can save 30% of water) or lower the water temperature.

However, replacing the bathroom with the shower is only the first step to saving hot water at home. Other tips to achieve this goal are:

  1. Check that the SHW installation (pipes, stopcocks, etc.) and that the taps do not leak. Small losses or leaks, sometimes imperceptible, can waste up to 100 liters of water per year. Therefore, it is important to quickly repair any damage and keep taps and filters in good condition.
  2. Use cold water programs in the washing machine. Not all the garments that we put in the washing machine are really dirty and, sometimes, it is enough to use short and cold programs to use them again. In this way, you will save both energy.
  3. Install energy-efficient showerheads and flow reducers. These devices help us save water and energy. Mixer taps are also excellent allies to regulate the temperature simply and effectively, without wasting hot water.
  4. Maintain a proper flow temperature. Many hot water production systems for the home allow us to program the temperature degree by degree. To take a pleasant shower, it is enough that the water is at 38 ° C – 40ºC. This temperature will help us avoid another “inefficient” habit: mixing hot and cold water to obtain a comfortable temperature.
  5. Choose an efficient system. Without any doubt, the best advice to save hot water in the home is to choose a DHW production system according to your needs, and that meets the highest efficiency standards.

Solutions to save hot water in the home

Two cute little girls having bath with bubbles in bathtub

You will find a wide range of appliances such as electric water heaters, heat pumps, and Low NOx instantaneous heaters that will help you reduce your hot water consumption without sacrificing comfort.

Efficient electric water heaters

Electric hot water systems | BUILD

Electric water heaters are a recommended option for saving hot water. The thermoses have B energy classification and stand out for their energy efficiency thanks to their Smart function, which adapts the operation of the thermos to different types of consumption, facilitating hot water savings of up to 40 %.

Heat pumps, an integral system that facilitates the saving of DHW

Air-water heat pumps take advantage of the energy in the environment to convert it into domestic hot water for the home.

Supraeco W heat pumps allow energy savings of more than 70% compared to other water heating systems. They are efficient systems, classified A +, and are available in different formats according to the needs of each home.

In addition, they are easy to use, since they have a digital display that facilitates the programming and use of the device.

Watertight Low NOx Heaters: new generation DHW production systems

Hydronext low NOx gas water heaters have been designed to meet all domestic hot water needs .

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovative design, this range combines functionality with the latest technological features.

Some models, such as Hydronext 5700 S, have a large modulation range, automatic water flow control, and WiFi connectivity. And the Hydro next 5600 S model, with more compact dimensions, allows thermostatic temperature control degree by degree.

We encourage you to follow these tips to save hot water. And if you are thinking of changing your home’s SHW production system, do not hesitate to consult our products. We have efficient solutions for all types of homes and needs like a hot water system.

Joan Padilla

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