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Furniture Movers: How much does it cost to dismantle a kitchen

Furniture Movers: How much does it cost to dismantle a kitchen

In addition, this particular room, together with the bathroom, can withstand significant fluctuations in humidity and temperature. In such a place, a large concentration of things is collected by furniture movers, which should not only be harmoniously combined with each other, but also withstand high daily loads. 

For this reason, you have to work on the installation or dismantling of the kitchen, entrust them to specialists’ furniture movers. Naturally, in this case, you will have a completely natural question: “How much does it cost to dismantle the kitchen?” It is about prices and the process itself that we will talk about below.

Replacing the headset will certainly face the fact that the old sections have to be taken apart. It is important to do this in stages and wisely. Professional disassembly by specialists includes:

  • shutdown of cold and hot water supply;
  • gas shutdown;
  • removal of household appliances.

Further, in the reverse order of their installation, the operations of the sequential dismantling of built-in kitchens are carried out. First, the elements of the cornices and canopies are dismantled, then the facades, plinths, and countertops are removed. To complete the work faster, as agreed by the client, they use a hand tool in the form of amount, since it is not possible to unscrew worn threaded connections.

How much does it cost for dismantling kitchen for furniture movers

After analyzing the prices in the price lists of many companies providing such services, we came to the conclusion that the dismantling of the kitchen will cost about 3000 dollars per piece. If the kitchen is large and unusual, then your expenses may increase slightly. Usually, the cost of dismantling includes consumables: dowels, corners, silicone glue, etc. An appraiser-consultant in most companies comes for free.

Specialists offer dismantling:

  • kitchen sets of different types;
  • built-in kitchen furniture;
  • cabinets, countertops, shelves;
  • household appliances, electrical equipment;
  • different furniture designs and more.

Tips for dismantling the kitchen:

  • Only a person with extensive experience can dismantle the kitchen. You can dismantle such an installation with your own hands, but only if you do not have to subsequently install it in a new place. Otherwise, for example, when moving an apartment, it is advisable to resort to the services of specialists. This will save you time and keep things for later use.
  • Kitchen installation is a much more responsible business. If you decide to make it yourself, then be especially careful, because, at first glance, such simple things as building in a washing machine or connecting a sink cannot be done at the proper level without having the appropriate experience.
  • To eliminate all problems, we advise you to contact a company that has earned an impeccable reputation in the market. As a rule, such organizations employ qualified employees with invaluable experience in dismantling furniture, including the dismantling of kitchen sets. This allows you to perform operations in a short time and at a high level.

Having analyzed all the situations of performing such work, you can draw conclusions and decide on the most suitable

Furniture movers

The need for furniture movers arise in a variety of situations:

  • when moving office,
  • when repairing,
  • when buying a new
  • or transportation to the dacha, etc.

It is not as easy for furniture movers to correctly as it might seem from the outside, especially when it comes to expensive or antiques or models with a non-standard design.


  • It is not recommended to undertake such work on your own! The risk of damaging or damaging the furniture is too high.
  • And on how correctly furniture movers assembled before and after transportation, its durability, appearance, performance, and even safety largely depend.
  • Entrust this work to professional furniture movers. They are specialists and well acquainted with the peculiarities of the fasteners of all parts and have all the tools necessary for the work. You do not have to worry about the safety of your furniture during transportation.

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