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Flower shop on a budget

Flower shop on a budget

To set up a flower shop with little money you need at least AU$1,299 and a space of 15 m². You can start working from home, but it takes a lot of planning and investing heavily in advertising. 

Below I’ll introduce you to all the important points to take the business off the paper and turn it into reality. 

Discover the market in the region

The first step is to see how flowers are sold in the region where you want to set up your business. Are there other florists around? How do they work? What is the sales focus and what are the prices offered?

Once you understand how things work out there, you can take advantage of some loopholes and avoid some silly mistakes. 

Take a walk around the site, do your research, write down what you find most interesting and use it to your advantage in setting up the business. 

Start planning!

This is the time to put on paper all the ideas for floriculture you have, but also the value you have to invest, the client you want to reach, how much you need to earn, and what you are going to do to reach that goal. 

Don’t worry about creating a formal document, the idea here is to use blank paper. This simple strategy will help you have a more accurate view of your possibilities and can also help you to use what you have available in the best possible way.

Setting up a flower shop this way gives you a lot more foundation to succeed, so take as much time as you need in this process. 

Legalize your florist

Even if you want to invest in a small flower shop, you need to think about the cool part of the business. This will allow them to rate their clients and have access to credit and even financing to invest in the project itself. 

As a micro-entrepreneur, your annual revenue cannot exceed AU$21 thousand. If you need to go beyond that, it’s important to think of another type of company and in this case, the best thing to do is look for accounting to help you.

Below I have brought you the documents that are usually required for a flower shop, so you can get ready there:

  • National Register of Legal Entities;
  • Business license;
  • Registration with the Employers’ Union;
  • Registration with the Treasury Department;
  • Fire Prevention Permit.

Choose where you will settle

The first thing you need to know is that there is no need for a large space. Something around 15 m² to 20 m² can be enough to start your work. 

From this, however, it is necessary to define how you want to act and I have brought below four possibilities for you to know and choose:

Setting up a flower shop at home

For this, it is important to have a specific environment for the storage of flowers and plants according to humidity, temperature, light, and everything else. In addition, you will need an area where the customer can have access to the products to make their choice. 

If you live with other people, you need to talk to them about your project and put limits on space and time so there’s no distraction. 

It’s not because you’re going to work from home that you need to do it anyway. Taking your flower shop with seriousness and professionalism from the beginning will help you reach your goals faster. 

Set up an online florist

To set up an online florist you can also start your structure at home, having a specific space for storage of your flowers. Here, it will also be important to invest in a good quality computer, telephone, and internet. 

If you don’t have money at the start, you don’t even have to worry about setting up a website. All of your sales can happen through social media profiles (mainly Instagram) and group ads (there are many on Facebook) and buying and selling sites. 

As the only way for the customer to get to know your product is through the internet, you need to take care of the photos. Look for places with good natural lighting and angles that make them beautiful!

Setting up a flower shop on rented space

The possibility of renting a space should be evaluated more carefully. First in relation to the rental contract, second in relation to the regularization of the property to operate as a commercial point, and third in relation to location.

The flow of people around this environment should be intense and the region, preferably, should have little or no flower shop around – this can help you to increase your income even more.

Set up a kiosk to sell flowers

This last option is not always the cheapest, so research is important. Check availability in public squares, fairs, and even municipal markets. Do not focus on isolated kiosks in places with poor accessibility, as this will cause damage.

Sometimes the price charged for space is twice as low as a full store, so do the math and see if the flow of people can make it worthwhile. 

Purchase your equipment

The equipment for floriculture is simple and will help you manage the site properly. They will vary according to the way you work and even the size of the space, but in general, they are:

  • Tables, cabinets, chairs and shelves (just enough for your location);
  • General instruments for handling and preparing plants and flowers;
  • Equipments for individual safety;
  • Telephone;
  • Card machine.

Go after good suppliers!

Your flowers must be of good origin! Only then will you be able to delight your customers with your beauty. That’s why the search for floriculture suppliers is so important!

Start by checking your region for producers who work with quality and professionalism. Doing so will help move local businesses and make sales and delivery easier.

There are a few things you need to evaluate to close a partnership:

  • The quality of flowers;
  • The history of the entrepreneur/company;
  • The delivery;
  • Payment facilities and discounts.

Only firm partnerships with those who have the best conditions and offer you the best value for money!

Should I hire employees?

If your goal is to set up a flower shop on a budget, the answer to that question is no! I know it’s going to be harder at first, but at least for a while, it’s ideal if you work on your own. 

Gradually, realizing the demand, you can even hire a person. 

Spread the word!

Regardless of whether you are going to set up your business at home, in a store, or just sell it on the internet, you need to focus a lot on advertising! 

This can start from word of mouth even with people you know, to communication well done through Instagram, WhatsApp, and sales ads on websites and Facebook groups. 

To make money selling flowers you need to spend time thinking and organizing the way you are going to make your disclosure and it needs to be daily. 

Another thing: Think of a smart flower shop name that catches your audience’s attention! This point is very important.

Build your business now!

Now that you know how to set up a flower shop for little money, what’s left to take the first step? I hope the article has helped you and that you have great success. 

Rob Prosser

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