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Electricians: How much is their salary?

Electricians: How much is their salary?

Find out the electrician’s starting salary and how much this professional can earn?

Electricians are professionally qualified to carry out electrical installations in residential, commercial, and industrial environments, following technical and safety standards. Electrical maintenance and installing electronic equipment are also among its functions.

Qualified electricians can work in industry, civil construction, petrochemical companies, service providers, public agencies, and self-employed.

The job market for electricians is heated and there is a lack of qualified professionals to meet the demand. With this, the electrician with technical and improvement courses finds good job opportunities.

Electrician’s Salary Floor

Electricians do not have a single salary base valid throughout the country. The unions related to the category of electricians and those sectors where these professionals work have collective agreements and conventions to define the salary, benefits, bonuses, and overtime pay for different regions and types of companies.

The following are examples of salary floors for electricians defined by some unions:

On the wage floor, workers in the electricity sector also receive an additional 30% for hazardous work.

Electrician’s Average Salary

The salary survey indicates that an electrician earns between AUD 266.16 and AUD 739.54, with a national average salary of AUD 447.62. Below are the average salaries for some functions performed by electricians, according to the website:

  • Industrial Electrician: AUD 497.45
  • Vehicle Electrician: AUD 446.97
  • Electronic Electrician: AUD 666.67
  • Facilities Electrician: AUD 357.58
  • Power and Control Electrician: AUD 526.76
  • Assembler Electrician: AUD 436.25
  • Panel Assembler Electrician: AUD 440.16
  • Building Electrician: AUD 404.16
  • Industrial Maintenance Electrician: AUD 624.70
  • Air Conditioning Electrician: AUD 385.61
  • Forklift Electrician: AUD 573.91
  • Electrician Technician: AUD 599.58
  • Official Electrician Means: AUD 333.98
  • Electrician Officer: AUD 366.13
  • Electrician’s Assistant: AUD 276.84
  • Electrician Mechanic: AUD 517.28

Public Tender for Electrician

The electrician can hold public positions in city halls, state and federal agencies. Recent competitions with vacancies for electricians, maintenance electricians, and electrician technicians offer starting salaries between AUD 264.05 and AUD 607.32 plus additional bonuses and benefits.

About the Electrician’s Career

Those who wish to pursue a career as an electrician will find a wide range of in-person and distance professional qualification courses in various specializations, such as:

  • Assembler Electrician
  • Installing Electrician
  • Industrial Electricity
  • Electrician
  • Low Voltage Building Installer Electrician
  • Industrial Installations Electrician
  • Electrical Technician
  • Electronics Technician
  • Electronics technician
  • Electrotechnician
  • Electromechanical technician

Institutions such as the National Service for Industrial Learning offer free electrician courses throughout the country and it is also possible to take free electrician courses through the National Program for Access to Technical Education and Employment.

Among the activities performed by the electrician, we can mention are:

  • First, analyze and interpret technical drawings of wiring and electrical installations.
  • Second, install and maintain lead wires and electrical equipment.
  • Third, repair electrical equipment.
  • Fourth, maintain industrial electrical machinery.
  • Fifth, check the safety of electrical equipment.
  • Lastly, Prepare budgets and projects for electrical installations.

In addition to mastering the tools and technical knowledge necessary to practice the profession, a good electrician must-have characteristics such as: knowing how to calculate and interpret technical drawings, have good communication, have problem-solving skills, be responsible and organized, work safely and, in the case of self-employed electricians, entrepreneurship, good customer service and negotiation skills are essential. Knowing how to use the computer is also becoming increasingly important for electricians.

The job market for an electrician is favorable and heated. Reports in several newspapers and magazines point out that there is a lack of qualified professionals to meet the demand in various regions of the country and different sectors of the economy.

Of the sectors that pay the highest salaries for electricians, the oil and gas industry and the infrastructure sector are highlighted. Investments in the areas of telecommunications, industrial automation, and civil construction also contribute to qualified electricians achieving a good position in the market and good salaries.

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