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Diamonds: Why they are so worth it?

Diamonds: Why they are so worth it?

No wonder these stones are called the most beautiful and most expensive of precious stones. And if you understood from the first words that we are talking about shining diamonds, then you are absolutely right. But we will not talk about ordinary diamonds, but about the largest of their representatives, which often cause great female admiration. 

What are big diamonds?

What diamonds are considered large, and what is the caratity of the stone? It is from carat, or the weight of the “tears of the gods”, as diamonds were called by the ancient Greeks, and depends on the size and, accordingly, the price of a diamond. In the east, the weight of gems was measured using grains called carats. The weight of one such seed was 0.2 g. Based on this, we can conclude that a diamond that has 1 carat or so (0.80-0.90 carats) – is a fairly large stone.

By the way, today jewelry with high carat diamonds has a quality certificate from the GIA Institute – the most authoritative gemological laboratory in the world, which evaluates the characteristics of a particular diamond. In addition, the rounder of each diamond, which has more than 0.50 carats, is laser-marked with the same number as the GIA certificate. Thus, the possibility of substituting a jewelry stone is excluded. By the way, on the international GIA website, you can enter the number indicated on the certificate and compare it, which allows you to be sure that there is no possibility of forgery.

 Let’s talk about cutting diamonds

The story of the largest diamond “Cullinan” shows that the facet removes some of the carat stone. And it depends on the skill of the jeweler-cutter, how “thin” the diamond during its transformation into an incredibly beautiful sparkling diamond. If earlier jewelers had to rely on their eye gauge, now, with the active introduction of modern technologies, computers are engaged in the analysis and marking of the future diamond. This allows you to reduce the amount of waste and choose for each individual stone exactly the way of faceting, in which it will live up to its name diamond, and will truly shine and shimmer with all faces, pleasing the beauty of its owner.

The most popular and most valuable form of diamond cutting is round. Other types (oval, pear, awning, baguette, princess, emerald, heart) do not affect the beauty of the diamond, but affect the price, reducing its cost by about 15-20%.

There is a myth that jewelry with diamonds the size of 1 carat is worth all the money in the world. In fact, this is not the case. The price of a diamond consists of several characteristics of the stone itself and the generally accepted system of evaluation of stones. Most often, that jewelry with diamonds that are made by well-known brands or have a recognizable design is expensive.

Girls’ best friends…

Remember the words from the famous song that girls’ best friends are diamonds? So, these words are correct, because it is almost impossible to find a beauty who would not like to have her own ring or earrings with a large diamond. Jewelry with a large diamond can cause incredible delight and the desire to enjoy every minute sparkling flashes of light in the facets of the stone.

For example, a wedding ring with a diamond will delight its owner throughout her life, reminding her of the touching moment when it was given. And yet – it can become a real family heirloom and be inherited from mother to daughter, or from grandmother – to a beloved granddaughter. It may even happen that this wedding ring with a one-carat diamond will have its own story, a fairy-tale story of magical love.

If your feelings are real, sincere, and you want to make a status, stunning and most desirable gift for every woman, then stop your choice on jewelry with a 1-carat diamond. This will make your loved one happy, and make a profitable investment for many years.

If you ask one of the jewelers to tell the story of the most famous diamond, first of all, he will probably remember Crystal Hope. This unusual 45.52-carat sapphire stone is shrouded in a true mystical story of the divine curse, the protagonists of which are many historical figures – kings, sultans, bankers, actresses… Being stolen from the eye of either the Indian god Rama or the goddess Zita, he became bring misfortune to all its subsequent owners. 

Most of it was called “Hope”. And yet, despite this, the diamond continued to bring suffering. The name “Crystal Hope” diamond was given after as it was acquired by the famous 19th-century English banker. To all its subsequent owners, the stone continued to bring misfortune until it fell into the hands of the jeweler. This was the first person who did not brag about it, and, showing off for money, gave all the profits to charity. Then donated the magnificent blue diamond Crystal Hope to the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, where it is still located as a valuable exhibit with an extraordinary history.

Rob Prosser

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