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Diamonds: The Secrets Of Choice

Diamonds: The Secrets Of Choice

Luxurious jewelry will nobly emphasize your status, add confidence because the “living” diamonds stone has magical and healing properties. All successful, popular, and famous people know about the incredible ability of a natural mineral to give its owner strength, power, and good health.

Magical properties: who is suitable for diamonds

Everyone knows that a brilliant diamond is a well-cut diamond, and its faceting and purity will allow you to understand how close the stone is to perfection. But the unique energy that the faceted stone hides in itself is best told by those who have already bought jewelry that fascinates the eye.

Just choose a beautiful diamond, buy and wear it, as you will instantly feel the surge of vitality. A diamond ring on your left hand will help to activate the love chakra, it will also make your skin smoother, younger, and velvety to the touch.

The natural mineral, which radiates light and heat, is suitable for all zodiac signs without exception, but it is especially respected by Aries and Libra in the horoscope.

What you need to know about diamonds

Before you buy jewelry, learn how to distinguish a diamond. Even hydrochloric acid is not afraid of a true stone with a centuries-old history – a real diamond will not suffer, but the counterfeit will be covered with a white coating.

The easiest way to check a fairly large stone: each of them has a rundist – a narrow strip that separates the lower faces from the upper ones. In a real diamond, this strap is matte, while in zirconium it is transparent. You can take a sheet of paper with the smallest text, put a stone on top and try to read what is written through it. To do this through a diamond will be impossible because of the high refraction of light, but because of zirconium – without problems.

Due to the fact that diamond is the strongest mineral in the world, it has an extremely high thermal conductivity. You can see this if you breathe on natural stone – it will not sweat, but zirconium will be covered with fog.

But the surest way is to contact a craftsman who knows how to check a diamond and quickly determine its authenticity. After all, each mineral is unique in nature, has a set of unique properties that make up his “personality”.

What are the characteristics of diamonds?

The international classification of the diamond system “4C” is based on the 4 most important indicators: color, purity, cut, and weight in carats.

Classification of purity of diamonds implies the presence of external or internal defects (natural inclusions, chips, cracks, the geography of their location).

This is the most important criterion for the quality of the natural stone, as it directly affects its ability to refract light and fill space with light.

There are stones of round facet – 17-faceted; diamonds weighing less than 0.29 carats and diamonds weighing more than 0.30 carats.

Before you ask how much a diamond costs, find out what group of purity it belongs to. Interestingly, the larger the stone, the greater the color range.

Thus, diamonds weighing up to 0.29 carats on 57 faces are divided into color groups from 1 to 7. But stones over 0.30 carats are already divided into 9 color groups. There are pink-purple, milky white, gray, yellow, green, purple, blue, and even black diamonds.

Where to buy products with diamonds?

If you decide to buy real diamonds, consult competent specialists and get comprehensive information about natural stones with a long history.

Highly qualified craftsmen will explain why it is safe to buy a diamond only from us, will demonstrate the most popular, rare, or exclusive jewelry.

You can order a unique model from us, which we will develop especially for you, taking into account all individual wishes. All our products are made of real gold 585 and 750 samples, as well as 925 sterling silver, we decorate them with precious stones of the highest quality.

We will do everything for you and your loved ones: rings, wedding rings, rings, bracelets, pendants, key chains, and much more.

Our team is made up of 3D fashion designers and the best masters of jewelry, who constantly follow modern fashion trends and keep up with the times.

The rich catalog of the company will allow you to pick up original precious diamonds at a reasonable price. The most beautiful and beautiful products with diamonds can be quickly selected and bought exclusively.

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