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How to choose a good real estate agent?

How to choose a good real estate agent?

Around the real estate sector, as in many others, there are a series of myths that have little to do with reality. One of them is to think that hiring a real estate agent involves a cost. A common mistake due to oversimplification! As a general rule, people think of the money they will “lose” to the property by having to pay an agent. But not in the headaches that having this figure saves, in professional advice, in the time dedicated to procedures and procedures, etc.

A good real estate agent is much more than a middle man. Keep in mind that it is not about selling, but about selling well. And this means doing it at the right price, in a reasonable time, and to the right buyer.

Yes … the latter also matters. It is not the same to find a serious person, then with someone who “makes a mess” in a transaction that may end up not materializing. Part of the job of the real estate agent is to filter the candidates to buy your property. A good professional will know that, as in many other things, it is necessary to define a target audience for the sale to be more fruitful.

Details to choose the ideal real estate agent

Taking these aspects into account, isn’t it important to have the best real estate agent possible? We are going to leave you some keys so that you make sure you choose a valid and competent professional.

real estate agent

Cordial but direct treatment

Some real estate transactions end up not going well due to communication problems. It is very important that you feel comfortable dealing with your real estate agent. This professional has to know well your interests and what you expect from the sale, and this is achieved when there is trust.

But, at the same time, you should deal with someone who speaks to you with sincerity and transparency. It is not about finding a professional who is always in agreement with you, but with one who brings you their vision, experience and knowledge. Of course, clearly explaining why I would do things in one line or another.

Market knowledge

The real estate agent you are working with must know the market by heart. This goes beyond managing a portfolio of properties or clients in a specific area. It is about understanding how the sector evolves, what trends are there, what is being sought at one time or another …

At Chris Arnold Real Estate, for example, we specialize in real estate investments in Newcastle. We know very well how our city moves in this regard, and which areas will be the most sought after in the coming years. This allows us to offer our clients very attractive real estate opportunities and, in other cases, situations where the sale can materialize quickly.

real estate agent

Organization at work

Something that you should also look for in the real estate agent you hire is a working formula that suits you well. Aspects such as the way to communicate or the times are important. You must make sure that the professional follows a rhythm appropriate to your circumstances.

Most of the professionals you contact will have a methodology when it comes to working. Do not hesitate to find out how they do it, how they carry out the procedures, how they transmit the information … These and other points are relevant when the process is fluid.

Good database

Another interesting aspect is the database with which the real estate agent works. It is not that it is very broad, but that it is well organized and segmented. You will find yourself in situations in which thousands of contacts try to sneak in lists of supposed contacts, but they have not touched each other for months or years.

Our experience tells us that an abandoned database has little value, no matter how large. On the contrary, a small but well-worked list can bear many fruits. This is what we recommend you look for, since it will undoubtedly save time and work from this circumstance.

Integral adviser

Finally, we recommend that you evaluate the professionals capable of offering you complete advice. Keep in mind that throughout a buying and selling process there are many different circumstances. There are moments of market research, negotiation, and also to carry out paperwork.

real estate agent in Newcastle

Throughout these different phases, you will likely need different advice. Having a professional by your side who can provide you with this advice is essential. This does not mean that said professional should know everything, but rather that they surround themselves with a good team.

Chris Arnold Real Estate at your disposal with the best real estate agents

At Chris Arnold Real Estate, we are convinced that we can help you sell your property in the best market conditions. Our specialization in real estate investments is a plus that all our clients highlight.

We orient ourselves to you, your circumstances and your rhythm, so that the process is fluid and you save time, money … and problems!

Do you need to sell a commercial premise? Do you have an office that is giving you headaches and you want to put it on the market? Have you inherited a land or plot or don’t know what to do with it? Contact us and let us help you.

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