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Bicycle Shop: Bureaucratic Process And Requirements

Bicycle Shop: Bureaucratic Process And Requirements

For those who want to realize their personal dream, but also for those who want to meet the needs of cyclists in their area and at the same time obtain an economic profit, opening a bicycle shop represents an interesting opportunity to set up on their own.

Usually, those who open this kind of business provide two kinds of services to their customers: on the one hand the sale of new and used bikes, of selected brands, in some cases also offering a specialization towards the competitive sectors on-road or Mountain Bike, from other providing assistance for the repair of all kinds of bicycles, together with the sale of accessories and spare parts.


  • 1 The business plan of the bicycle shop
  • 2 Open a bicycle shop: requirements and bureaucratic requirements
  • 3 The costs of a bicycle shop
  • 4 Sale of bicycles, free advice from professionals in the sector

The business plan of the bicycle shop

As for the opening of all other commercial activities, it is necessary to put in place detailed preventive planning, which involves the drafting of a business plan, a tool that allows you to have a correct organization and that reduces risks and unpleasant surprises.

An important document that allows you to have a complete picture of what are the investments to be made, any financing to be requested, the costs to be paid, the expenses for purchases, the income you hope to obtain.

A document that is necessary in case you want to apply for a loan or take out a mortgage at any credit institution.

Going into the detail of the contents of the business plan, it is important that a focus is made on the analysis of the market, the competition, and what is called marketing. That is the niche of users you intend to target, the sales and marketing strategies, the name of the shop, its legal form, etc.

The choice of legal form depends on the capital you want to invest and the size of the company you want to create and manage.

Opening a bicycle shop: requirements and bureaucratic requirements

As for personal requirements, opening a bicycle shop does not require any particular specialization. The entrepreneur must have a clean record, never have been declared bankrupt, while he must have a knowledge of the world of bicycles, mechanics, and their repair.

From a bureaucratic point of view, the first thing to do is to apply for a VAT number at the Revenue Agency and register with the Business Register at the Chamber of Commerce responsible for the area.

Finally, as regards any available contributions, you can contact the offices of the Region in order to verify the presence of tax relief, subsidized loans, or non-repayable contributions aimed at those who open new commercial activities.

The costs of a bike shop

The fundamental expense for the opening of your bicycle shop is that relating to the choice of the place where you will go to carry out the activity. The cost of the same depends on its size, state, and location.

To these will be added the costs for furnishing the point of sale, for the equipment needed to repair the bikes and for the products to be sold: bicycles and various accessories.

The amount of the investment, on average, is around 80 thousand dollars, a figure that can double by choosing a very large shop or if you specialize in the sale of innovative, sporty, and high-quality bicycles.

In the start-up phase of the activity, the costs related to advertising, the construction and management of a website that will allow you to obtain greater visibility from customers, those relating to telephone, electricity, water, and internet utilities, must also be taken into consideration. own social security contributions and any employees, VAT payable to be paid to the state, and interest expense if you have access to mortgages or loans.

Sale of bicycles, free advice from professionals in the sector

Opening a new business involves a considerable waste of time and money between formalities, bureaucratic procedures, and necessary authorizations. If you are not adequately prepared, all this may seem complex to you, which is why our staff offers free advice from professionals in the sector able to follow you step by step in the opening of your new company, providing you with all the necessary assistance.

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