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Bicycle: How to choose a bike

Bicycle: How to choose a bike

The choice of a bicycle is the first problem faced by a cyclist. Most often, a beginner himself is not able to choose the right model that will satisfy him in all respects. So where to start, how to choose a bike?

How to choose the type of bike?

In order not to get into a mess with the choice of an iron horse, first of all, answer the questions:

Will you drive it to work, take a leisurely stroll along park paths, conquer rough terrain, or set personal speed records? This will be the decisive point when choosing. We will not open America to you if we say that there are many types of bicycles, each of which has its own specifics of use and maintenance. The wrong bike can be frustrating, and money will end up being wasted and the desire to ride is lost.

Road bikes, road bikes, or cruisers are good for flat road surfaces and good knurled dirt. These bikes will suit beginners, those who like to ride in their free time and for commuting. A road bike is convenient for its simplicity and is not overloaded with unnecessary equipment. Keep in mind that a road bike is a bike exclusively for smooth asphalt and maximum speeds, comfort is far from the first place here.

Bicycles for off-road driving and extreme stunts have their own distinctive features and characteristics. The most common and popular type is mountain biking. According to statistics, about three-quarters of sales of all adult models are more expensive than 15,000 dollars. Are mountain bikes. They can overcome both rough terrain and light off-road. A separate type is extreme bicycles for trial, dirt, bike cross, and other sports types of riding, differing in design, weight, presence or absence of a saddle and equipment.

The features of choosing mountain and road bikes are described in more detail in the video reviews below.

How to choose the size of the bike frame?

The size of the bike frame, or size, is one of the main parameters for choosing a bike. When choosing the size of the bike frame, you need to take into account your height, weight will not play a role. The correct size is easy to determine by simply standing over the frame: ideally, a palm should fit freely between the groin and the frame.

How to choose the diameter of the bicycle wheels?

Wheels are one of the most important parts of a bicycle. Alas, an unambiguous and concrete answer to the question “What diameter wheels will roll best?” no. The parameter for choosing a wheel diameter, first of all, depends on your riding style. Today, there are several types of wheel diameters that are used on different types of bicycles. More about them:

How to choose a bike brand?

One of the big mistakes cyclists make is to rely on equipment, forgetting that the ride and performance of the bike depends on the design of the frame. Mistake number two – buying a bike online without trying it on in the sales area. It is important to choose the right bike for your height, sometimes the table is not enough and therefore you need to try on the bike in the store.

Of course, the first thing to look at is the quality of the bike as a whole. For the same money, you can buy an entry-level bike from a global brand, as well as a more equipped, but less well-known company.

When choosing a bike, the main attention should be paid to its “stuffing”.

Common mistakes when choosing

  • Buy the cheapest bike. Externally, a bicycle for 15,000 dollars almost no different from a bike for 30,000 dollars. However, the low cost, unfortunately, almost always means low quality. A large part of the cost of a bike is frame fees. Equipment lasts longer on a high-quality frame because When assembling a bicycle, it is possible to comply with all standards and tolerances, in addition, the more expensive the frame, the more rigid it is. Rigidity affects driving performance – roll, vibration protection, strength, lightness.
  • Thinking that the Chinese bicycle is a bad bicycle. China and Taiwan are some of the world’s centers of high technology, 70% of all bicycles are produced there. The stereotype imposed by time, unfortunately, has not yet become obsolete. Today, the production facilities of many world manufacturers (and not only bicycle products, by the way) are located in China. Attention must be paid to the manufacturer (whether he has established himself as conscientious) and to the quality of the mechanics.
  • Make sure your mountain bike is made exclusively for the mountains. If you buy a mountain bike for riding on uneven surfaces, after a short amount of time you will be pleasantly surprised by the good pedaling quality. And all because a mountain bike, also known as a mountain bike, is universal – it can be used off-road, on rough terrain, and on asphalt.
  • Insisting that hydraulic disc brakes are superfluous. Unless you’re an extreme rider who constantly rides in mud, dust, and off-road, hydraulic disc brakes are worth the overpayment nonetheless. In terms of ease of use, hydraulics are significantly superior to mechanics. The reliability and durability of hydraulic disc brakes are not inferior to conventional mechanical rim brakes.
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of speed switches the bike has, the main thing is the number of speeds.
    This is a reason to be wary. More than 90% of the world’s bicycle manufacturers use these brands of equipment. And the number of speeds is of secondary importance if the bike is entry-level.

And remember: any bike requires careful handling and proper care. Be prepared to spend a little effort on its maintenance – once a year do maintenance in a bicycle workshop. And be sure to lubricate the flail yourself (use a spray) every 15-20 hours of riding. And then the bike will “repay” you with the same coin!

Rob Prosser

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