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Bicycle: What is a modern bike?

Bicycle: What is a modern bike?

A bicycle is not only a means of transportation from point A to point B, but also an excellent exercise machine for keeping fit, and walking on it is an excellent way of active recreation. Modern bicycles are strikingly different from the models that existed on the territory, so if until then you have ridden only, then you can learn a lot from the article. A modern bicycle is a reliable device made of composite materials …

What does a more or less regular bike ride give us? First of all, it is a good workout for the heart. If you are interested in sports, then you probably know that training the muscle complex is pointless if you ignore the cardiovascular system, because a weak heart and untrained vessels will not be able to deliver food in the form of blood to the muscles. 

As you know, an exercise bike is one of the best ways to train your heart. However, a bicycle has a number of undoubted advantages over an exercise bike. Fresh air promotes deeper aeration of the lungs, purifying them and strengthening the “breathing”. Rapid landscape changes, a wide view, and a distant perspective relax the eye muscles, and thanks to this, cycling is an excellent prevention of eye diseases. 

Well, and most importantly, this type of outdoor activity, like any other, soothes our nervous system, which is truly priceless in our fast-paced, hectic age. But in order to fully enjoy cycling, you need to choose the right one, and this article will help you with that.

There are a huge number of models on the market, but they are all designed for different tasks and have different characteristics. If you are buying a bike for the first time or have done it for a very, very long time, then you first need to decide – for what purpose are you buying a bike? What terrain and what time of year do you want to ride? How often? Can you handle the repair and maintenance yourself? 

In order to answer these questions, you need to know the current classification of bicycles. Here it is:

healthy lifestyle and fitness concept with mount bike man outdoor

– MTB (mountain bicycle) – a mounted bike, or mountain bike. In turn, it has its own classification, namely:

A) Hardtail(hardtail) – as the name suggests, this is a “hardtail” bike, that is, a bike that is not equipped with a rear shock absorber, but at the same time always has a front shock absorber. At the moment, this is the most common type of modern bicycle in the world, and this is not without reason – it has a number of features, which will be discussed later.

B) Full-Suspension(double suspension) – mountain bike with two high-quality shock absorbers. This is probably the most “mountain” of all mountain bikes, as it is designed to move on very rough terrain. Serious bicycle manufacturers position this type as intended for harsh hikes, in which dirt of all kinds, numerous types of fine and not very dust, shock loads, and many kilometers of runs on various bumps can be found, and accordingly, they approach the design development and selection of components.

C) Downhill(downhill) – a bike designed for downhill (this is such an extreme sport). Imagine that you are rushing down the mountain at a speed of 40 km / h, overcoming jumps, ravines, and trying not to crash into numerous trees on the way. Have you presented? The author of the article has not tried it, but they say that during the descent, adrenaline is generated at a rate of 100 liters/sec., And after successfully (or not) reaching the bottom of the hill, the rider either falls ill with downhill, or he can never look at the hills anymore. nor on bicycles.

D) Hybrid (hybrid). Basically, it’s the same hardtail, but with larger diameter wheels (28 “), narrower tires (1.75”), and much the same construction. It is called a hybrid because it is intended for a smoother surface, that is, for example, for a city and a park. The larger diameter of the wheels and the smaller contact patch due to the narrow tires allow for higher speeds for the same energy consumption, but their strength and stability on rough roads is slightly lower than that of a standard 26 ”wheel.

– Road bike. Designed for swift movement on flat surfaces. It is able to reach speeds comparable to that of a car, but due to its light and fragile structure, it is not recommended to drive it on roads with significant irregularities, which include almost all roads in Russia. To assess how fast a device driven by muscle force alone can move, you will most likely have to ride on special tracks for cycling competitions, of which there are not many even in Australia.

Bicycle riding. Cycling, the sport accessible to all.

– BMX . Stunt bike. It is these bicycles that are used to perform various shapes on the ramp. They feature robust construction, no derailleur and small, durable 18-24 ”wheels (20” is the most common size).

– Walking bike. A straight fit, wide handlebars, small wheels, transmission with chain guards – that’s all about him. In fact, a rather stupid thing, since you can only ride it on more or less flat paths and trampled, without potholes, forest paths. Given the lack of good bike paths in most of our cities, you can ride such a bike only around the house, as well as in a beer stall – it’s hard to think of any other application for such bicycles.

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