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Best Engagement ring For Decide To Some Ways

Best Engagement ring For  Decide To Some Ways

Proposing engagement ring marriage to the person you love is a life-changing experience. The nerves of waiting for them to say “yes” are quickly replaced by the hope that they will love the ring you chose. Deciding how much to spend on an engagement ring is always a personal decision. We’ve put together 5 tips for making the right engagement ring decision for your finances.

1. Salary and an engagement ring :

A commonly cited rule of thumb is that an engagement ring should cost one to three months of your monthly salary. What is this figure based on? Suppose you earn 2,000 euros a month and you are ready to ask the question. The recommendation is two months of salary, so it would reach 4,000 euros. 

Above all, however, the ring is a romantic sign of your commitment to your partner, so consider their thoughts about it. Have you ever commented that you wanted a luxurious ring? Or do you prefer simple ones and will you like something less flashy? With this information, you can advance by calculating what type of ring you can pay with your salary.

2. Calculate your expenses realistically :

Let’s go back a moment from the “golden rule” and take a perspective of your life situation. Are you struggling to cover your monthly expenses? If so, it is wise to completely forget the supposed rules and think in terms of what you can afford.

Make a budget for the ringsas you would with any large expense, because at the end of the day (aside from romance) it’s just that: a beautiful gesture. Many jewelers allow installment payment plans for engagement rings, so it might be a good option for you. Don’t forget to read the fine print and make sure you are not paying a large premium over the original price.

engagement ring

3. Hang the ring receipt :

When you buy the perfect engagement ring, be sure to consider the worst case scenario to protect your money. It may not be the right style, or it may not be the right time to take the next step. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to buy the ring from a jeweler who has a return policy or at least exchange options. It is important to know before making the purchase of the ring.

For that reason, keep all your original receipts and certificates in a safe place. It is advisable to consider doing any customization as engravings later. Even ring size adjustments (especially if done in a different location) can make the ring non-returnable. With any large investment, it is essential that you have buyer protection.

4. Don’t forget the wedding expenses :

Your dreams came true and the answer was “yes”. Congratulations! Remember to consider this when calculating how much you should pay for an engagement ring because the next step is expensive: the wedding. Many women, and also men, dream of the perfect wedding day. Of course, do not go ahead and start deciding how you will pay for the place and the flower arrangements.

However, it is the likely next step after engagement, so keep this very important fact in mind. For that reason, the budget for an engagement ring should also include an idea of ​​your plans for the next year or so, including a possible wedding and perhaps other great purchases like a new home for the happy couple.

5. Reconsider if you want a diamond ring :

Finally, consider what type of ring you would like to get to ask the question. It hasn’t been directly mentioned, but a diamond ring has probably been assumed to be the way to go. The history of diamond engagement rings does not go back to ancient times. It is actually a fairly new phenomenon that has been brilliantly marketed over the years.

Alternatives to diamonds are growing in popularity, such as colored gemstones like emeralds or rubies. Or even white sapphires, which have a diamond-like beauty without being so expensive. Regardless of what you decide, it would be wise to find out your partner’s expectations if you are unsure. Choosing a ring together is also an option, but remember to set a high price in advance and be careful in managing expectations.

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