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Bathroom, How to renovate the decoration on a budget?

Bathroom, How to renovate the decoration on a budget?

Facing the comprehensive reform of a bathroom can have a high cost: changing taps, toilets, floors, and tiles … The final amount can amount to several thousand dollars, no matter how much we adjust in the choice of materials and their qualities. Do not worry because renovating the bathroom decoration on a budget is more than possible.

It does not take large outlays to give the bathroom a completely renovated look. Many times the solution is in the small details that make a difference,

To completely change the image of the most intimate room in the home, does not take a lot of money. We can achieve this by paying attention to some minimal details in the design and the conditioning of the room itself. Taking into account some basic tricks, we can discover how to renew the bathroom decoration on a budget?

The most radical change in the appearance of the bathroom will be given if we renew the floor and tiles. We already warn that this is an option that moves away from economic budgets. But there are ways to achieve it without large outlays of money, especially if we decide to put into practice the spirit of ‘do it yourself, that is, the current Do it yourself.

The wallpaper or special vinyl tiles for bathrooms, for its resistance to moisture and condensation, are two of them. With different patterns or with the imitation of wood or marble, they are easy to install and will completely change the look of the bathroom.

We can choose to place them on all the walls, only on one or a part of them. Whatever the choice, the bathroom renovation will seem total. In a weekend and with your own hands you will convince yourself of having done a great reform with little money and effort.

The mirror is usually the first element we see when entering the bathroom, the object that predominates in the room, the one that stands out the most. Therefore, deciding to change it can be a key step in the renovation of the decoration.

Place a large circular mirror if we had a rectangular one or vice versa; opt for an extra-long one, or put two different ones if we have two sinks are some ideas to refresh the air of this essential accessory in any bathroom.

Changing accessories and textiles, installing new lighting, hanging pictures, buying a mirror, or adding a new piece of furniture can be good ideas to renew the decoration of the bathroom.

The lighting is another aspect that is very close to the previous point. And it is that artificial light is always installed in the bathroom depending on the mirrors. There are ideas to get out of the ordinary, like hanging long lamps that reach the point of view and are reflected in them.

If the bathtub or shower in your bathroom still has a curtain, it’s time to change it for a screen. This single detail will completely transform the overall look of the room. It will give it a more modern air and it will be more comfortable for you when showering. There are many models and prices suitable for all budgets.

In the small details, a successful renovation of the bathroom decoration can also reside, especially when we have a small budget. Dressing the room with new textiles – towels and rugs – is one of those tiny gestures with which you get a lot.

To make the change more complete, the ideal is also to buy brand new accessories, such as towel racks, toilet paper holders, wastebasket, cups for toothbrushes, brushes, etc. They usually compliment to which we do not give too much importance, but they can contribute their own to achieve a totally renewed air. Put baskets on the sink, buy some furniture for storage, think of a groundbreaking object such as a rustic ladder to hang towels, place plants … These are other ideas that you can implement,

It is not usual for us to think of bathroom walls as places to decorate. Although it is one of the ways to transform your look completely. Pictures with sheets or dried flowers, shelves for towels, or other accessories are great for this room in the house.

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