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All about our Australian made Plantation Shutters

All about our Australian made Plantation Shutters

Named for the big estates (or plantations) in America’s south, where their louvered blades were ideal for controlling the sunshine and protection from the weather, Plantation Shutters still be one of the foremost popular and practical window coverings available today.

Plantation Shutters offer the final word in flexibility and sit well with many various decorative styles, from Hamptons or Cottage, all the way through to modern interiors. The distinctive characteristic of shutters is their louvres (or blades) – they supply a powerful architectural aesthetic to both the inside and outdoors of the house, and elevate otherwise plain windows to another level entirely.

The blades also provide the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to regulate the quantity of light and warmth entering your room, along with the extent of privacy you need.

Plantation Shutters have always been a very important part of our product mix. Our Australian made product has certainly attracted tons of interest. So, we at Australian Plantation Shutters, thought we’d answer a number of those commonly asked questions to assist you out.

How much do Plantation Shutters cost?

The cost of shutters depends on the dimensions of your windows. Our Plantation Shutters are priced at $300 per square meter, which is a fantastic price for an Australian made product, and one that’s hard to beat in today’s marketplace.

Australian plantation shutters

Do Plantation Shutters block out the light?

Plantation Shutters do a reasonably good job of blocking out the light, but should be considered as ‘room darkening’ instead of full blockout. Light will bleed through between the blades, as their slightly curved design prevents them from sitting completely flat against one another.

Whilst this is often usually okay in communal areas of the house like living rooms, bathroom and kitchens, it’d not be ideal for bedrooms. To achieve full blockout in bedrooms, you would possibly wish to pair them with a blockout curtain over the top, or consider alternative options like blockout roller blinds or stand-alone blockout curtains.

Are Plantation Shutters easy to install and measure it on yourself?

They sure are. We’ve had thousands of consumers over the years measure and install their own Plantation Shutters and achieve beautiful outcomes. Whilst it will take a little time to make sure you get everything right, it is definitely achievable by those willing to give it a go.

plantation shutter

Our extensive how-to video galleries and written instructions will guide you step-by-step through the measure, order and install process for every of our products and are a must-watch for those close to start their own DIY journey. And the best bit is that by doing it yourself, you’ll save heaps compared to having someone that may get it on for you.

Can you put Plantation Shutters in a bathroom?

Absolutely you can! Our Plantation Shutters are made up of Aluminium, which is immune to moisture and humidity. This makes them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, also as tropical regions with high humidity. Shutters are literally perfect for bathrooms as you’ll be able to rotate the blades to manage the privacy levels, without compromising on natural light.

How energy efficient are Plantation Shutters?

With up to 40% of the home’s internal heat energy lost, and up to 87% of heat gained through the windows, improving your window’s thermal performance is a critical point in reducing your energy costs. All window coverings will have some effect on improving these figures, and Plantation Shutters will definitely go an extended way to increasing your home’s energy efficiencies.

plantation shutters in Australia

When fitted well, they’re going to act as a barrier to heat loss and gain, and you’ll also adjust the blades to regulate the heat and light entering your home during the different seasons.

Do Plantation Shutters offer privacy?

They certainly do. You are on top of things your privacy by rotating the blades into varying positions. Having them perfectly horizontal will allow anyone to see in from outside, but if you ‘dress them up’, you will still be able to see out, but no one will see in from outside. Perfect!

We hope this has answered a couple of your questions and also encouraged you to install these beauties in your home. Plantation Shutters won’t only provide value to your property, but provide you with a surprising and practical window treatment that may last for several years to return.

Remember to contact us if you’ve got any questions. We’re always here to help!

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