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Accommodation: A guide to the advantages and disadvantages of hostels

Accommodation: A guide to the advantages and disadvantages of hostels

What are hostels?

Hostels accommodation places with economical accommodations, shared rooms, and private rooms. Also called hostels, they usually have a good location, relaxed atmosphere, breakfast, and free internet. Many young people stay in hostels, because of the good prices and the opportunity to make friends. 


For those whose priority is the economy, the main demand should be for shared rooms – this means that you will have to share the room with strangers, as well as the bathroom. Some shared rooms can accommodate 4 people, others for 6, 8, 10, and 12 people.

In shared rooms, there are times when the bathroom is inside the room and is used only by the guests of that room, and there are shared rooms without a bathroom, where the bathroom is outside the room and is used by other hostel guests. Common use bathrooms are separated by gender. Also in relation to shared rooms, there are options for exclusively female rooms, exclusively male rooms, and mixed rooms. 

Hostels, or hostels, also offer private rooms and they can be a good option for those traveling with one more person. Prices for a private room for two people are usually similar to the amount paid for two people staying in a shared room. 

These private rooms can have a double bed or a single bed and as in shared rooms, they can have an internal bathroom or a bathroom outside the room. The experience in a private room is much more like that of a hotel, but still with that informal atmosphere of a hostel. Private rooms in hostels are very popular, so if you prefer your own room, make your reservation in advance!   

Advantages and disadvantages

For those who have always stayed in a hotel with a room to themselves, the impact of a shared room can be strong. A room shared with people you’ve never met obviously doesn’t offer the privacy of a private room. In your private room, or in a hotel room, you can put your things wherever you want, make your own mess without any problems – it’s your own place, where you can feel completely at ease. In the shared room, it is necessary to be aware of and respect others, share the common space, and respect rest times. 

By the way, respect and common sense are keywords to get along well in a shared room. And here it must be said that generally, people have common sense. 

How does the hostel accommodation work?

The functioning of the hostels varies a little. As with hotels, there are some very simple and others with a better standard. In general, things work very much in a do-it-yourself way. There are hostels where you need to cover your own bed with a sheet, others where the bed is ready just waiting for the guest. There are somewhere the bath towel is delivered at the check-in desk and others where the bed linen must be deposited at a specific location upon check-out.

In some hostels, the bed you are going to sleep in will already be informed at check-in, in others you choose the bed that is empty and available in the room. The truth is that hostels are not suitable for those who like perks and if you like to be served, it is better to look for a hotel.

Styles of hostels and their audiences

Hostels are known for parties and they really are something frequent, mainly because of the huge amount of young people who stay in this type of accommodation. It is common to find a bar or pub in a hostel and every day at night there is a different program, including karaoke night, live music, or beer promotion. 

This is a great opportunity to meet people who are staying in the same place and an easy entertainment option because it is so close to the room. But the party is not the goal of everyone who stays in a hotel, some have this style of “party”, other hostels have a more sophisticated style, more family, less party. 

Is it safe to stay in a hostel accommodation?

Security is one factor that many consider when booking accommodation is the security of your belongings. It causes a little fear to be in a room with other people you’ve never lived with, although thefts do happen and there are people of bad character anywhere in the world, people who travel aim to enjoy the city and not take possessions, aliens.

Is it worth staying in a hostel accommodation?

The hostel is an excellent opportunity to save money on accommodation and meet people, but it’s not interesting for everyone. It depends on your perception of the trip, your travel style, the type of experience you like to have, your priorities. The experience can be really cool if you’re open to new things: you can make fleeting friendships or friendships that last for years; just as you can have a bad experience and have to live with people you find unbearable for a few days. It’s no use staying in the best hostel in the world with companies you don’t fancy, the balance of the experience will be positive if you like the hostel’s structure and get along well with your roommates. 

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