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Office Move: 10 tips to carry them out successfully

Office Move: 10 tips to carry them out successfully

Although you also have to transport and pack items and move them from one place to another, office moves are totally different from home moves. They tend to involve many more people and the execution times have to be fast so that the operation of the company does not suffer.

Moving an office require some specialization from the moving company doing the work. A lot of flexibility and speed is necessary when making transfers. Therefore, it is essential to have experience in these conflicts.

In the case of office moves, it is normal to adapt to the client’s dates and times. Most companies cannot stop their activity so as not to cause disruptions in their business, so many of the transfers have to be made during weekends, on holidays or at night.

The material to be transported is usually delicate. They are usually servers, computers, screens, and other fragile objects that can contain very valuable information. The hired moving company must have the necessary technical means so that all high-value belongings arrive in good condition at their destination.

Appropriate moving insurance is also essential, which should cover transportation risks. Vehicles have to be suitable for the material to be moved based on its value and fragility. That is, moving trucks   prepared for these office transfers.

10 tips for efficient office moves

1. Plan well in advance

Preparation times for office moves are highly dependent on the size of the company and the employees working for it. The ideal is to be able to do it in seasons of low activity of the company.

moving office plan

2. Get to know the new premises

Both in its dimensions, to structure the work spaces and offices, and in the administrative part, so that bureaucratic procedures do not slow down the move.

3. Request several estimates and hire a legal moving service

The hired moving company must be registered in the Registry of Moving Companies. It is also recommended that you be part of one of the moving associations

4. Organize the belongings you already have

Before knowing what we are going to take to the new office, we must organize what we already have. Organizing your office or room will help you organize your office moves.

5. Make a list of inventory

Good note of all the objects that you have to take and the essential materials that you need for it. This list will help you to check that everything is there when you place it in the new destination.

office move

6. Clean up and get rid of the unnecessary

It is the ideal time to throw away what we no longer use and is taking up unnecessary space. It can even be the occasion to digitize documents and files that have been stored for a long time.

7. Packed by stays Pack

The belongings according to the place they currently occupy or will occupy in the new office. And don’t start an office until you have finished the previous one.

8. Label all the boxes well.

You can use numbers and letters depending on the offices or the name of the occupants of each unit.

9. Separate the essential or immediate in separate boxes or packages

The belongings that you will need soon leave them well marked or transport them with you if necessary.

office moving service

10. Notify customers and suppliers

If you are going to change your address, you have to notify your customers and suppliers of the transfer. Launch an official statement or send it to him by mailing, which is an agile, fast and effective way to do it. Take advantage of changing the address also in digital directories.

With these tips you will get a perfect office moves. For this to be possible it is also necessary to have great experts in the field.

At RBR Moving we have been moving offices in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Cessnock & The Hunter Valley Australia for more than 15 years, and offering a very complete moving services that also includes, if you need it, the packaging and assembly and disassembly of all the furniture. Contact RBR Moving today!

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